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Medicaid and Elder Law in Stuart Florida
Elder law focuses on estate planning and protecting seniors’ rights. Legal matters regarding housing, home care, health care, preparing legal documents, and trust and estate planning fall under the umbrella of elder law planning services.
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Elder Law Planning in Florida

Our experienced attorneys at The Law Offices of Keane, Thomas & Pinnacoli help families navigate the complex laws governing elder care, Medicaid planning, estate planning, long-term health care, guardianship matters, and more. 

If you or a family member needs legal assistance to plan for retirement or draft a will, contact our elder law attorneys to schedule a free initial consultation. 

Comprehensive Elder Law Services

Elder law planning is an important part of ensuring your safety, health, and financial security. Elder law and estate planning don’t just mean crafting a will: You can outline your wishes for your long-term care, make plans to ensure you qualify for Medicaid later, and protect against elder abuse. 

Our dedicated elder law attorneys can help you through every aspect of elder care and planning to ensure that you have a comprehensive, legally valid plan. 

Medicaid Planning

The goal of Medicaid planning is to protect you and your family from the burden of expensive long-term health care. When seniors face a medical emergency or the need for long-term medical care, many quickly learn how significant of an expense it can be. 

Medicare, the federal program that provides health insurance for people over 65, does not fully cover extensive medical care. For instance, Medicare does not cover skilled nursing home expenses after the first 100 days of care. Regardless of your financial circumstance, paying for extensive medical care can rapidly deplete your financial resources. 

Unlike Medicare, Medicaid has coverage of long-term medical care. 

Through Medicaid planning, we provide guidance on protecting your financial resources if health concerns crop up later in life. Our elder law attorneys can help you determine your Medicaid eligibility by working with you to understand your finances and collect and submit the appropriate documents. 

Long-Term Healthcare

Extensive medical care and nursing home care are expensive. A significant aspect of elder law planning is understanding your options for future medical care housing needs. Planning ahead for potential long-term healthcare needs ensures that you have access to quality care without creating a financial burden for you and your family. 

Our qualified attorneys can help you understand your healthcare benefits, such as Medicare and Social Security, and work with you to organize your estate. Your long-term healthcare plan can include what medical care you want and from where and how you’ll pay for it. 

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Estate Planning

Estate planning creates a plan for the distribution of assets to beneficiaries. By drafting legal documents such as wills and trusts, you can outline how you want to distribute your assets after you’re gone while minimizing the stress on your family members. 

With careful estate planning, you can avoid the need for probate court, which can be a tedious and contentious process for families. A comprehensive will, along with other estate planning tools, can keep control of your assets in the hand of you and your family rather than the courts.

Our estate planning attorneys provide custom solutions based on your goals and circumstances. We understand the complexity of issues surrounding estate planning and are knowledgeable about ways to protect your wishes and your family’s long-term financial security.

Estate Administration

Estate administration is the process of handling and distributing the assets in your estate after you pass based on your will, trust, and final wishes. It is crucial to create a comprehensive estate plan to ensure estate administration is accurate and efficient. 

Our attorneys can assist estate executors or representatives in fulfilling their roles and facilitate a smooth and efficient handling of the estate. As full-service elder law attorneys, we strive to simplify this process for your family. 

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Elder Housing Requirements

Finding appropriate senior housing can be an overwhelming task for some families. Whether you are looking for an assisted living facility, nursing home, or an in-home care arrangement, you need to decide what type of housing is right for you and know what your health insurance or Medicaid will cover. 

Living arrangements at these facilities must also meet certain standards of safety and accessibility, including adequate space, proper staffing, necessary medical care, and visitor policies. 

Our reliable attorneys can review contracts from assisted living facilities or nursing homes to ensure compliance with housing requirements. This information can help you and your family make informed decisions about the ideal living situation for your unique circumstances.

Elder Abuse 

Elder abuse has many forms and can be devastating for families who experience it. Elderly people may be vulnerable to mistreatment and exploitation due to age-related physical or cognitive conditions. Often, people do not report abuse and neglect because they feel fearful or ashamed. 

As a family member or caregiver, be vigilant of signs of abuse of all types and speak out against elder abuse or neglect. 

  • Neglect
  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional or verbal abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Manipulation
  • Financial fraud

Our attorneys protect your and your family member’s rights and take action to hold caregivers accountable and ensure a safer environment in the future. If you or a family member is experiencing elder abuse, contact us.

How Our Elder Law Attorneys Can Help

At The Law Offices of Keane, Thomas & Pinnacoli, we understand that making healthcare decisions can be overwhelming for families. An elder law attorney can help you and your family navigate the complexities of elder law, such as estate planning, making financial decisions, and protecting against elder abuse. We provide compassionate and compelling legal representation so that you can make informed decisions for yourself and your family. 

Elder law and estate planning are our focus, and our attorneys have experience and commitment to helping seniors in Stuart, Florida, and surrounding areas.
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